By Master Anjala

If you only do one of these a day, that’s Terrific, mix it up, have fun!  These are not chores, and they do make you feel better and function better!  Don’t stress out, but don’t not do these either!

  1. GREET THE SUN:  Many of the paper monographs that I received as a new member back in the late 70’s had an illustration in them of a man facing the sun, arms stretched wide.  What I did not understand at the time was that  EVERYTHING     in a monograph is chosen to give the student on the path a boost on the way!  The symbols on the cover, on the bottoms of the page, the illustrations and the Exercises all should be done as promptly and often as possible.  That figure facing the rising sun is chanting the vowel sound RA.   Try this for 21 days.  Every morning face the sun and repeat the vowel sound RA however many times suits you.  If possible, do it at full volume, trilling the R as best you can.
  2. MEDITATE FOR FIVE MINUTES before breakfast.  Sit in your sanctum, or where you won’t be bothered, and gently, lovingly, quiet your thoughts.
  3. DO THE OVERALL EXERCISE: If you can spend 10 to 15 minutes daily doing this, I think you’ll be surprised how much better your body starts working.  Below is One way to do the Overall Exercise.  Please seek out the audio clips and videos on the Rosicrucian Community site for more detailed instruction.  This exercise helps heal both you and the world.


Rosicrucian Cycles, Times of Secrecy and Times of Re-Emergences


One question we hear a lot in Rosicrucian circles is, “Will AMORC be shutting down soon?” We heard some chatter about this at last month’s Spiritual Alchemy Workshop. The Grand Lodge continues to roll out new online tools for members, and the recent growth at the Enneadic Star Pronaos are good examples of how things are going well with the organization. Still, people often think that AMORC will be “going dark.”  There are good reasons why.  It comes from the belief that Rosicrucians transmit their teachings in cycles: going back and forth between active and inactive or underground eras.

Master Anjala decided to weigh in on the issue to give you the full story:

The Rosicrucian Order in the United States was established by H. Spencer Lewis in 1909. There is a MYSTICAL CYCLE of 108 years that some Fraters and Sorors have asked about for years. Isn’t the Order supposed to “Go Dark” in the USA for 108 years, starting in 2017? Why hasn’t that happened?

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Online Discussion Group: The Mountain of the Adepts, Nov. 17, 2 pm

adept.image. copyNow in our third month, our new online group is a video discussion and meditation for members who are not in the Portland Metro Area.  The session lasts about 40 minutes. We will conduct a meditation, have a lecture and time for sharing and discussion.

This month: The Mountain of the Adepts

In 1616, an alchemical text was published entitled Cabala, Mirror of Art and Nature: in Alchemy whose authorship is attributed to the Tyrollian physician Steffan Michelspacher. The text dealt with alchemical self-transformation in the same vein as the Rosicrucian book, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, published the same year. This month’s Online Discussion Group will have a reading of an article discussing one of the alchemical illustrations found in this text known as the ‘Mountain of the Adepts’. Many Rosicrucian students may have seen this illustration from time to time, and this session will offer a chance to look deeper at the illustration and engage in discussion about it’s importance to the Great Work.

Please examine and come prepared to discuss this image.

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Video Discussion: Alchemy and Johann Joachim’s Oedipus Chimicus, Online, 10/20, 2pm

This month’s online meditation and discussion group will talk about Johann Joachim Becher’s book called Oedipus Chimicus, published in 1664. The group, led by Frater Ken, will hold a meditation, and then a brief talk on the alchemical symbols and principals from this old treaty on alchemy.

“Becher’s views on chemistry have much in common with standard 17th-century Paracelsian and Helmontian treatments of the subject” such that “sulfur was analogous to earth, and salt to water, while earth and water, in more subtle form, were mercurial in nature…”

Article on

This discussion will focus on the alchemical principles as illustrated in the engraving here below. This talk will be a precursor to our RCUI spiritual alchemy workshop Nov 9 and 10.

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How do Initiations work at Home, Pronaoi, Chapters, and Lodges?


We are conducting Pronaos Initiations this month on October 13. You should take the intitation at the pronaos level if you have not already. Read more HERE.

Recently a Frater asked ESP Master Anjala about the difference in the home initiations and initiations given in Pronaoi (the plural word for Pronaos), Chapters and Lodges. The Master replied that home initiations are vital and should be performed with intensity and excellence when a member is ascending from one degree of study to another. But!


There are two other types of initiations available to those who are fortunate to live near affiliated bodies. Enneadic Star Pronaos meets twice a month, in Portland and in Wilsonville, so that we can be close to as many members as possible. That said, members do often travel great distances to attend convocations. On her recent Rosicrucian Tour of Sacred Italy, Master Anjala met three members who drove four hours to attend their Chapter meetings. Another member talked about traveling to a distant town and staying overnight so that she could participate in regular Pronaos meetings. Lastly, a Master at another Lodge said they drove drives 40 miles each way to get to their convocation locations.

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Rose Croix University International Retreat in Colorado, Sept. 27-29

vibrationsRCUI is sponsoring a Rosicrucian retreat in Estes Park Colorado with Dr. Robert Waggener, a Rosicrucian for 63 years, who has taught RCUI courses on such diverse subjects as Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, and Alternate Theories of History.  The event is Sept 27-29.

The teachings on the weekend retreat will include Cycles and Vibrations:

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Visualize What You Can Do to Grow the Portland and Seattle Pronaoi

B8AXB8This is a visualization exercise for Rosicrucians in the Pacific Northwest Rosicrucian that will help us grow our groups in Portland and Seattle from a Pronaoi (a mid-sized group with four ritual officer positions) to a Chapter (a large group with nine ritual officer positions). Our goal for this Rosicrucian year 3372 is to rebuild the two pronaoi into larger entities in a way that will benefit all people.  The more people who visualize this, the faster it will happen.

Visualization is not just dreaming.  It is a tool that can dramatically assist your own efforts toward achievement.

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